The best gangster movies according to true events


“Casino” (Martin Scorsese, USA 1995)

“GoodFellas” or “Casino“? The question as to which of Martin Scorsese’s mafia masterpieces is now one nuance better than the other is to be answered idly. But we did it anyway: Yes, we think “Casino” is even more ingenious than “GoodFellas”. Why? Despite the thematic affinity of both films, “Casino” is not a simple variation of “GoodFellas”, but a perfection of craftsmanship. The mafia drama is staged as brilliantly as few works before and after, only the dizzying first three quarters of an hour, in which Scorsese dissects the mechanisms of the mafia business in the gambling metropolis Las Vegas with the fillet knife, is of such an insane pace that the viewer is left stunned amazed.

Apart from that, the three-hour epic depicting the rise and fall of casino manager Sam Rothstein (Robert De Niro), based on real Frank Rosenthal, is superbly played and looks fantastic thanks to the perfect work of camera ace Robert Richardson – Scorsese’s uncompromising flood of images is a rush from a film!


“GoodFellas – Three Decades in the Mafia” (Martin Scorsese, USA 1990)

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a gangster.” Wise Guy Henry Hill, standing in the center of “GoodFellas”, is no driven underdog like James Cagney, no dignified crime patriarch like Marlon Brando, and also no garishly exaggerated Reagonomic like Al Pacino’s Scarface. Henry Hill is a cowardly, irascible, not particularly clever petty bourgeois who, out of a thirst for prestige, laziness and arrogance, takes a life on the wrong path. Ray Liotta plays the New York mobster, who was imprisoned in 1980 for his criminal machinations, as an informal conformist with a penchant for moaning.

This life, as director Martin Scorsese makes clear, is neither glamorous nor tragic, but simply of brutal and tasteless stupidity. When Henry is condemned on the last meters, by the witness protection program to a life as everyone, looks back wistfully on his wild gangster life, no guilt and no atonement overcomes him, but only grouchy melancholy after the status symbols of once. A life given away. “GoodFellas” discovered the petty bourgeois in the gangster and the gangster in the petty bourgeois. To play in real online casinos we recommend Find here a list of the best online casinos.


“City Of God” (Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund, Brazil 2002)

“Nature vs. Nurture” refers to the question of the influence of predisposition and education on a person’s development. And in many ways, the feverish gangster thriller “City Of God” is a test arrangement for precisely this question: the protagonists Buscapé (Alexandre Rodrigues) and Zé Pequeno (Leandro Firmino) grow up in the poor favelas of Rio de Janeiro under comparable circumstances. But although they come from the same neighborhood, one of them becomes a peace-loving photographer and the other a violent gangster boss. So is the drifting apart due to predisposition and not to education?

To answer this question conclusively, however, is not the primary interest of Fernando Meirelles (“The Eternal Gardener”) and Kátia Lund (“All the Children of this World”), nor is it the primary interest of general judgments or moral sermons. Instead, her film, which picks up on a series of events in Rio de Janeiro’s real poor neighbourhoods during the 1960s to 1980s, presents itself primarily as a snapshot, as a documentary description of life in the slums and the backgrounds of misery. “City Of God” is as fascinating as it is frightening – and yet full of life. It is impossible to escape the pull of these images!


Top match and home kick-off

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In the 2nd league, special games await Tyrol’s representatives on Sunday: Wattens is guest in Ried, Wacker II celebrates home premiere.

Ried, Innsbruck – A Sunday matinee in Ried? That’s never happened before. However, it is time for the WSG Wattens to make a guest appearance at 10.30 a.m..

With the Tirolern one left nothing before the point play of the two hottest ascent candidates to the coincidence: Already the whole week over one trained at 10.30 o’clock, in order to get used to the unusual kick-off time. That is something new for all , explained coach Thomas Silberberger on Saturday briefly before the departure into the Innviertel. Perhaps we have thereby even a small advantage, because we are eingekaserniert in the hotel. The Rieder go in the morning directly to the play, that is already a completely different daily routine , hopes the Wattener Coach. Read here the reviews of MyBet Casino and more of its details!

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For the Wörgler, the Rieder remain – despite the disappointing opening draw against Steyr – the team to beat in the title fight. “The pressure lies solely with Ried. They have the biggest budget of the league and still have a strong team.” Ried trainer Thomas Weissenböck said in a recent interview with the Internet portal Laola1 quite surprisingly: “I don’t think you can say this year that Ried must become champion”.

That costs Silberberger (“Of course they’ll give us the favorite role”) but only a tired smile. Only Lukas Katnik, Kelvin Yeboah and Felix Adjei will be missing on Sunday. “We’ll change one or two things in the starting formation.” Maybe Clemens Walch will be in the starting line-up for the first time against the former club.

After the home premiere of the Bundesliga in the Tivoli stadium on Saturday, the 2nd league premiere will take place on Sunday when Wacker II SKU Amstetten (with 156-time Bundesliga player Thomas Hinum) receives. The euphoria at the second representation of the Schwarzgrünen is naturally great after the 3-0 opening victory at the Upper Austrian Juniors.

“It could not have gone better, the whole team played extremely well”, double goal scorer Alex Gründler looked back once again. Knowing that with Amstetten “a completely different opponent is approaching us”. During a video study the young Wacker kickers were prepared on Saturday by coach Thomas Grumser for all eventualities. The only question is Alex Joppich, who was beaten last. “Amstetten plays a lot with long balls, we are prepared for that”, knows coach Thomas Grumser, who hopes for a full West stand on Sunday.

Wacker proves morale, but loses 2:3 against Sturm Graz

FC Wacker Innsbruck 32red bingo

FC Wacker Innsbruck will fight their way back to the Bundesliga after a 3-0 deficit and will have to admit defeat against the Styrians in the Bundesliga home premiere.

Innsbruck – Second game, second defeat for  Bundesliga promoted Wacker Innsbruck. In the first Bundesliga match on Innsbruck’s Tivoli after more than four years, Sturm Graz won 3-2 (1-0). The Innsbruckers, on the other hand, are still waiting for the first point after their return from the Bundesliga after another good performance and a 3-0 deficit in the meantime.

Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher switched from a five-man defence to a four-man defence after Austria Wien’s defeat in the opening match, and Daniele Gabriele provided an additional offensive force. Storm trainer Heiko Vogel also switched from a four-man to a three-man backline against the defeat in the Champions League qualification against Ajax Amsterdam and set three new ones with Anastasios Avlonitis, Lukas Grozurek and Markus Pink.

Wacker defensive sleeps at corner kick

In the initial phase Innsbruck was the more active team, Sturm initially presented itself flawed. So the team from Graz missed the first big chance. Peter Zulj finished in the sixth minute a good counter with a sloppy missed pass. After that, standard situations were the main danger. With such a pass, the team from Graz also managed the lead. Grozurek scored in the 21st minute after a corner played briefly unchallenged by the penalty area border.

Even after the Graz lead, the Innsbruckers remained the more active team and had two chances to equalize before the break. Stefan Meusburger headed just over the goal in the 30th minute after a corner from five meters. Seven minutes later Zlatko Dedic also missed from a short distance after Ilkay Durmus had given in.

Philipp Hosiner Honours 


FK Austria Wien
  • Austrian Football Bundesliga: 2012-13 
  • Austrian Cup Runner-up: 2012-13 


  • Austrian Football Bundesliga Player of the Year: 2012-13 
  • Austrian Football Bundesliga Top Scorer: 2012-13 

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Harrer with double pack

However, Sturm came out of the cabin better and had through Philipp Hosiner quickly two chances on the 2-0 (47., 50.). But in the 56th minute it was time: Innsbruck-Tormann Knett saved against Hosiner, Pink took over the rebound and shot from the penalty area into the orphaned goal. Practically in return, Gabriele had the chance to score, but his shot after a nice combination was too weak. On the other hand, Grozurek, who moved to the centre after the break for Sturm captain Stefan Hierländer, did better. In the 60th minute he hit the long corner from 18 meters and made the decision. Refer a friend to 32Red Bingo and get a free £5 bonus.

Nevertheless, the hosts didn’t get their hands on it, showed morale and came back into the game better. In the 73rd minute Dedic hit the crossbar by head. Martin Harrer scored the 1:3 goal in the 77th minute after a bad back pass from the penalty area into the empty goal. In the 83rd minute Harrer shot after a spectacular solo run still the connecting goal. The Innsbruckers then sensed the chance to equalize, but with the crowbar Wacker came to no more chance worth mentioning. In injury time, however, Matthias Maak’s rescue operation in front of the Innsbruck goal was a big success.

Voices to the game:

Karl Daxbacher (coach Wacker Innsbruck): “Maybe we expected too much from each other in the initial phase, acted too offensively, then the mistake lies with me. After the 0:1 we made many rooms available and went even more risk, with mistakes we came afterwards even more under pressure. The race to catch up is still positive in the end. Now we will see whether the highly praised team spirit of last year will last, because in critical situations you need something like that.”

Christopher Knett (Innsbruck-Tormann): “We had a match plan that was destroyed by a standard situation. We still wanted to be active and agile, but we didn’t succeed that much. The race to catch up shows how much morale there is in the team. We have to be more stable as a team, not only the defensive has something to do with it. In the second league it may not have been punished like that, in the Bundesliga it will be punished.”

Heiko Vogel (coach Sturm Graz): “Partly it was slapstick comedy today. I can’t really rejoice yet. I was happy that we had numerous chances. I prefer, I can say, that we have a poor evaluation of our chances than we have no chances at all. What we did after the 3-0 was unworthy, though. I already exploded in the break, was of the opinion that we could have led higher. That annoys me brutally.”

Lukas Grozurek (double goal scorer Sturm Graz): “We made it completely unnecessarily exciting. That shouldn’t happen normally. Catastrophic that we still swim there so. We can still do so many things better. I’m happy about my two goals. The coach said after the match against Amsterdam that I should decide the match.”

Rapid fails against Altach, Salzburg celebrates last minute victory

After a late goal by Hannes Aigner from Tyrol against the Vorarlberg team, the record champion did not get past 1:1. Salzburg scored twice in Mattersburg in injury time.

Rapid – Altach 1:1 (1:0)

The SK Rapid Vienna has missed its home kick-off in the Bundesliga. Despite a long lead against SCR Altach on Saturday, the Hütteldorfers did not manage to get past 1:1 (1:0) and had to give up their lead in the standings. After a goal from Deni Alar (35th), the substitute Hannes Aigner (88th) managed to equalize.

Rapid started at temperatures well above 30 degrees with practically the same formation that had defeated the Admira 3-0 last week. Only Maximilian Hofmann was missing due to muscular problems in the calf. In his place, Mario Sonnleitner and the new defensive chief Mateo Barac formed the central defense.

At Altach, instead of Aigner, double goalscorer Adrian Grbic stormed at the opening against Mattersburg (2:3) for the time being. The Vorarlberger acted in a very defensive system with a five-point chain, thereby allowing little clear goal scenes in the initial phase. Rapid only came to many harmless standard situations for the time being. A free-kick from Christoph Knasmüllner went over (10th), Alar did not take the ball with him after a good pass from the midfielder (29th).

Five minutes later, however, Alar struck for the first time after his return from Sturm Graz to Rapid. After a cross from Boli Bolingoli, captain Stefan Schwab returned to Knasmüllner by head. His attempt to shoot landed directly at Alar, who finished at the lead deserved at that time. Rapid also had half chances through Andrei Ivan (18th, 43rd) and a dangerous header from Barac (45th).

On the opposite side, Barac had blocked a shot from Manfred Fischer in 16 (19th). The Croatian did the same shortly before the break with an attempt by Grbic – but with his hand raised. Grbic rightly claimed penalty kicks, but was not awarded them.

After a change of sides, the action changed abruptly, Altach was suddenly the much more active team on the grass in the Allianz Stadium, which had been affected in some places by a fungal infection. Emir Karic missed a shot (49th) and Philipp Netzer missed a goal due to offside (60th).

Rapid only regained better control of the game in the middle of the second half, but Knasmüllner missed the big chance for the preliminary round. The 26-year-old came to the ball after a cross pass from substitute Veton Berisha on the five ball, but only hit the right inner rod (75th).

That was revenge: Joshua Gatt, who had replaced Aigner, duped Sonnleitner on the left side, Barac Aigner left far too much space in the middle and the experienced player headed in. It was the 37-year-old’s third goal of the season in the second league game. Aigner, who has been responsible for all the Altach goals so far, is also leading the scoring list ex aequo with Salzburg’s Munas Dabbur.

This time Aigner’s marksmanship was enough to win the first point. Knasmüllner was once again close to a goal, but after its lift and move to the goal, Jan Zwischenbrugger saved with the help of the rod (90.). A final header from Alar in injury time went just over the goal.

Rapid not only conceded the first goal in the third compulsory game of the season, but also did not leave the pitch as the winner for the first time. The dress rehearsal for the first European Cup appearance, the first leg of the Europa League qualifying round at Slovan Bratislava, also failed.

Hannes Aigner Honours 

Austria Wien

  • Austrian Cup (1): 2007

FC Magna Wiener Neustadt

  • Austrian Football First League (1): 2008–09

FC Wacker Tirol

  • Austrian Football First League (1): 2003–04

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Mattersburg – Salzburg 0:2 (0:0)

Football champion Salzburg celebrated a hard-fought 2:0 last-minute victory at the start of the 2nd Bundesliga round on Saturday in Mattersburg. After having unsuccessfully started over 90 minutes against the defensive bulwark of the Burgenlanders, Andre Ramalho (93.) and Munas Dabbur (95.) only replaced the “cops” in injury time.

The duo thus not only ensured the Salzburg team’s preliminary lead in the standings, but also a successful dress rehearsal for the Champions League qualification. There, the Macedonian champion Shkendija Tetovo will be received on Wednesday.

The most conspicuous change in Salzburg’s eleven was on the defensive: Stefan Lainer, who had given vent to his disappointment at the burst change to Napoli at the beginning of the match, was sick and lacking. Because Patrick Farkas (cruciate ligament rupture) was not available either, the central midfielder Enock Mwepu took his place. Newcomer Zlatko Junuzovic played in the league for the first time from the start, with Reinhold Yabo in the storm alongside Munas Dabbur.

For Salzburg it was the expected tedious game against a massive defensive with a strong body, at agonisingly high temperatures. They were not able to build up danger for a long time – a good 73 per cent of possession before the break did not help. A header from Dabbur from an acute angle, which Markus Kuster parried (21.), and a wafer-thin long-range shot by Xaver Schlagers (45.+1) passing the goal remained the only actions worth mentioning. Even if the guests acted starting from the 30. minute clearly more powerfully and more dangerously. If you are looking for a casino with a remarkably large number of slots then InterCasino is the place for you.

The fact that it was Mattersburg’s newcomer Marko Kvasina, who provided the greatest chance so far with a bang to the top bar (44.), was at least curious in view of the offensive restraint of the Burgenlanders. It was only after the side change that the home side looked for the way forward and managed to get their first two corner shots out. Kuster had to clear the corner by foot against Hannes Wolf (56th), shortly after he defused a threatening Yabo flank (58th) and successfully intervened against Dabbur (63rd).

From then on, Salzburg had taken command again, but finally broke up in the defense of the Burgenlanders or their own inability: Mostly the precision was missing, and the standards (a total of 14 corner shots) were mostly too harmless. The substitutions of Amadou Haidara, Smail Prevljak and Takumi Minaminos, who were last awarded to Mattersburg, did not bring the desired success either.

When time ran out, long shots became the means of choice. Kuster was at the post against Haidara (86th) for the time being, Mwepus’s attempt narrowly missed the goal (91st). But then Ramalho’s shot came and he hit the goal via the inner rod. Two minutes later, Dabbur increased to 2-0 after the desperate Mattersburger had lost the ball.

The Weekend and Bella Hadid Supposedly Back Together After Video of Them Kissing Leaked the Internet

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were one of the most famous young couples during their relationship between 2015 and 2016, giving samples of love in different opportunities. But, unexpectedly, at the end of 2016, the rupture of the couple was announced in the most respectful way by them.



Selena And Bella, Are They Frenemies?

The surprising thing was 2 months after the breakup, The Weeknd was seen hugging and kissing his new girlfriend Selena Gomez. Something that caused a controversy on social networks since on certain occasions Selena Gomez was seen together with Bella and her sister Gigi Hadid as they were “friends” (they all belonged to Taylor Swift’s Squad). But, Selena and Abel broke up 10 months later.


They Got Together At a Party

But, something unexpected happened in May 2018, when Bella Hadid and The Weeknd attended as special guests at the Cannes Festival separately. But, in a public event, they were seen together talking, kissing and hugging. Some people in social networks tried to portray these moments between the two what was supposed to be the return of this powerful young couple.



In 2018 The Weeknd released an EP album called “My Dear Melancholy”, where the fans of the couple assumed that the song “Wasted Times” was dedicated to Bella Hadid, since some part have a reference to the girl (who is dedicated the song) was equestrian, profession that Bella almost played professionally.


A Quick Trip to Paris

Also, recently in June, new photos of them came out at different times, hugging each other and walking in the streets of Paris with several friends. According to some sources, they traveled together to Paris since both had different work commitments in the city during the same week.

None of them have confirmed their return, but maybe can happen soon because if they have been seen in public showing their love, it’s something serious. Hopefully it happens soon, because they are one of the most beautiful young couples in the industry.

Selena Gomez Ready to Move On After Her Recent Split with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were the most powerful and followed young couple in social media, by their fans and even by the press. Their relationship lasted more than 2 years, but without doubt is the most acclaimed by the fans.


After the First Breakup

After that, both had other media relations, Selena had many years enjoying her singleness but had other couples like Zedd or The Weeknd. Instead, Justin was seen a lot of times with different women, such as Chantel Jeffries, Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie, among others. He even was linked with super stars like Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Kourtney Kardashian.



The Reunion

But in 2018, Selena and Justin decided to try again their relationship; they were seen together for several months, showing their love in different occasions hugging, kissing and even went together to the wedding of Bieber’s father. This is something serious.


Unexpected News for All of Us

Unexpectedly, some portals announced a breakup (again) of the couple. This was later confirmed by them when they stopped going out together and Justin started dating with Miss Baskin Champion and then with Hailey Baldwin (again).

Then, the world was surprised with the engagement of Bieber with the model Hailey Baldwin after starting to date again for a month. It even was confirmed by both parties in their social media accounts.



Selena Was In Shock

This left everyone in shock, most likely Selena as well. But she is currently enjoying her single life with the support of her friends and family, as she continues to work on acting and music, but she has also taken some breaks to rest and away of the public eye.

Recently she was seen in a yacht in New York with friends, celebrating Independence Day, enjoying and laughing. Selena has also been seen in different events, the premiere of Hotel Transylvania 3, among other activities. She always looks kind and happy when she’s out. Hopefully, that happiness will last forever because she deserves it.

Rihanna and Boyfriend Pictured Having a Fight on Mexican Getaway

Rihanna is a global star, one of the most beautiful and talented women in the music industry. But she’s already taken. Rihanna has been in a private relationship with the Arab Hassan Jameel for more than a year. They have not been seen together frequently, but in certain interviews the singer has confirmed that she is in a relationship that she prefers to keep private.



Deny All the Speculation

Several portals had given as “exclusive”, the breakup of this couple weeks ago, but recently some pictures of Rihanna on the beaches of Mexico with her boyfriend Hassan denying any speculation, but they were seen, apparently, fighting.


Her Previous Relations

Rihanna has had some relationships that have been public, like the one with rapper Chris Brown that ended in an extreme disaster in court, due to the mistreatment she received from her ex-boyfriend during that time.


Was She With Leo As Well?

She also was seen very close to Leonardo Dicaprio at different times, but nothing was confirmed. Another one was the relationship with rapper Drake, where several times he dedicate her certain words of pure love, in public way, where Rihanna was seen a little bit uncomfortable.


She Found Love… Sort Of



After these public and commented relationships, Rihanna took some time to enjoy her single life. Later, she decided to start a relationship with the Arab businessman, a personality that doesn’t have such a high profile, and took it in the most private and discreet way possible.

For that reason, very few photos of them have been seen together in good quality, and they have not published any sample of love in social networks like Twitter or Instagram.

So, it could be confirmed that the star has not returned to singleness, but according to the latest photos of them in Mexico, they aren’t in a good stage of courtship, or yes? Hopefully it’s nothing serious, so both can continue enjoying their love far from the public eye.