About Me

Hi, my name is Naomi Espinosa Duran, and I’m the chief writer here in Escena, a blog entirely dedicated to the celebrity lifestyle, including news and opinion articles with multiple facts regarding the most famous people within the music and entertainment industries.

It all began in 2014, right when I was graduating from college and wanted to express myself somehow. I figured out a cute, simple blog would be an elegant solution to satisfy my need to write. At first, I didn’t know anything and didn’t have topics to write about.

Then, I had an idea while talking to my mother. I would write about latino celebrities inside the US and that would be it. That’s how Escena was originally thought out and developed. It started pretty well, with hundreds of people looking through it in just weeks.

In months, things changed pretty rapidly, as those hundreds became almost a million readers on a monthly basis. I decided it shouldn’t just be about latino celebrities, and I started writing about regular US celebrities too. It was the best choice I could have made.

Right now, my goal is just to keep my little corner on the internet as tidy and cousy as I can. If you love to learn more about your favorite celebrities, keep reading my blog. It’s made with love.

Naomi Espinosa Duran – Chief Writer in Escena